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Our scientific background and expertise makes us different from other consulting firms. Let us know if you want to find solutions even to the most challenging problems.

Governmental Institutions

We can help you to tackle any problems your institution might face by providing evidence based and data driven consulting solutions.

Scientists & Researchers

We are always looking for scientists and researchers who want to apply their expertise in making the world work better. Check out “Join Us” section for more info.

Industry Partners

We are always looking for industry partners to cooperate with. Let us know and we can explore the how our partnership can help us to be better together.


Networking reimagined with AI

BPTI has developed AI network optimisation methods for “D-Link” Lithuania. These methods use Artificial Intelligence in preventing and detecting packet loops and bottlenecks within networks.


NLP and word categorisation

BPTI has helped “Token Mill” to develop a method and a software tool for categorising “root” parts of the non-english language words. This is now widely used in numerous others “Token Mill's” projects where Natural Language Processing (NLP) is needed.


Helping government agencies to effectively use data

BPTI has fulfilled a tender to help Civil Service Department in Lithuania to effectively optimise their internal information system based on concrete data analysis. After throughout investigation and research BPTI has provided them with a feasibility study report on how they can improve their overall use of data and information systems.


Concrete business advice

Our versatile team provides us with an unmatched potential to solve your business problems using real data driven solutions. Take a look at a few examples below how we were able to use our expertise to tackle even most specific industry problems.

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