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„Tyrėjų naktis“

“Tyreju Naktis” otherwise known as a “Researchers' night” is an annual science festival happening in most major cities and towns across Lithuania. BPTI is one of the main organisers of this project that has been running for 15 years now. The main goal of this event is to promote science and technology and allow general public to get closer to the secret life of scientist and researchers. More than 10,000 people attend this event every year.


„Café Scientifique“

“Café Scientifique” is a research and science promoting event happening in the Coffee shops around Vilnius and Kaunas. This platform allows scientists to present their work in an interesting and meaningful way to the general public. Anyone is welcome to attend and join the discussion. Follow us on Facebook to find out more.


„Mokslo sriuba“

“Mokslo Sriuba” is a TV show promoting science and technology. BPTI was a platform through which creators of this show were able to take it from a simple YouTube channel to a full feature TV show on a national TV.


„Mokslo pieva“

BPTI is one of the main organizers of the "Mokslo pieva". This project is an opportunity for students to touch on real-world research while studying by working in interdisciplinary teams of 4-5 people led by a more experienced researcher. During the semester, intensive group work takes place for about ten weeks. Afterwards, the group delivers a public presentation or prepares a publication. The project helps young people get acquainted with research activities and teaches them to collaborate with colleagues from different fields.

Antonino Arecchi

OCEAN2020 Project Coordinator @ Leonardo

“Since the start of our cooperation in 2017, BPTI has shown to be an active partner. They are trustworthy for both – precise R&D and smooth coordination of Lithuanian parties into the international teams.”



Supporting your local community

BPTI continues to contribute to our local community by organising events that promote science, education and critical thinking. Below are the descriptions of few different types of events we organise for our local community here in Lithuania.