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Making radiotherapy safer and more effective

BPTI has helped “Rubedo Systems” to create an innovative reactive platform for patients undergoing lung radiotherapy sessions. This new type of “bed” allows patients to freely breathe, while under active radiotherapy. The bed compensates the patient movements making sessions easier for the patient. This also ensures the radiotherapy only hits the target areas of the body and does not irradiate the healthy tissue.


LPR number recognition solution

BPTI has carried out the initial R&D study required for our client “Softra” to create a custom made license plate reader. After the successful study and recommendations the number recognition software was developed. “Softra” has deployed their LPR solutions throughout more than 40 parking areas in Lithuania and abroad since then.


Hydrogen fuel power cells for long endurance UAVs

BPTI has been working within a consortium that has won a contract from a Lithuanian MOD to develop a custom made small scale UAV for military uses. BPTI has focused on developing a fuel system that uses hydrogen in order to achieve long term flight endurance parameters by converting hydrogen into electricity.


Self-driving robots with an ability to track human motion

BPTI has worked with “Rubedo Systems” while building a self-driving delivery robot that could follow the human workers around and provide assistance with weight carriage.The result was fully autonomous LIDAR and Visual recognition using robot that is first of it’s kind in this category. BPTI has worked on the mathematical modelling and hardware prototyping sections of this project.


Antonino Arecchi

OCEAN2020 Project Coordinator @ Leonardo

“Since the start of our cooperation in 2017, BPTI has shown to be an active partner. They are trustworthy for both – precise R&D and smooth coordination of Lithuanian parties into the international teams.”


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