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Cooperation between BPTI and Ignitis Group brings more smart solutions to the electrical grid

Jun 6, 2021

This week BPTI and ESO, a company of Ignitis Group, started implementing the 7th joint project.

The Cooperation Agreement between the BPTI and the Ignitis Group, one of the largest energy groups in the Baltic States,  encompasses developing and testing innovative solutions - Innovation Pilots - that could improve power network's performance. For example, what energy storage hardware and software would promote the efficient operation of the electricity network, optimize the network's energy production and security.

BPTI searches for the necessary equipment in Lithuania and abroad, monitors its operation in the ESO infrastructure, analyzes the results, systematizes them and provides recommendations.

"We appreciate the partnership with the Ignitis Group and the opportunity to work on critical infrastructure projects. More smart solutions mean more competitive Lithuania's energy market, a more reliable and secure power network, and more end-user benefits", says BPTI Director Tomas Žalandauskas.

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