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Research: role of AI in disinformation attacks

May 23, 2021

We are glad to announce that NATO StratCom COE has contracted BPTI to produce several research reports on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), reflecting on the increasing use of AI in disinformation attacks. While AI provides new ways to generate and deliver disinformation, it could also be used to monitor, detect and counter such threats. In the upcoming reports BPTI intends to propose practical solutions, how to adapt to the use of AI in disinformation attacks and thus to contribute to the overall mission of the Centre.

NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is multi-nationally constituted and NATO-accredited international military organization, which provides comprehensive analyses, timely advice and practical support to the Alliance, designs programs to advance doctrine development, conducts research and experimentation to find practical solutions to the challenges that disinformation poses. Click to learn more about Centre's work>> 

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