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Joint European sYstem for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems

A consortium of 38 enterprises, research bodies and institutes of various sizes from 14 countries, led by Leonardo, aims to develop technologies for new generation anti-drone systems with modular, flexible architecture capable of responding quickly to continually evolving threads, such as drones themselves, which are increasingly capable of surviving old-generation C-UAS systems. The project “Joint European sYstem for Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems” (JEY-CUAS) will advance technologies at system and sub-system level to develop a new generation C-UAS system based on a modular and flexible plug’n’play architecture to address the emerging challenge of micro and mini drones in creasingly used for defence purposes. The solution will contribute to an improvement of the situational awareness and reaction engagement to overcome the growing resilience of UASSs to first generation C-UAS systems keep up with new LSS (Low, Small, Slow) aerial threads and reduce the minimum reaction time.

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This project has received funding from the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) under the grant agreement EDIDP-CUAS-2020-78-CUAS


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