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Science Promotion


Doing interesting research and want to share it with others? Get in touch and we can help you to share your work with others.

Academic Institutions

Are you representing an academic institution looking for new ways of promoting science? Contact us and we will help you out.

Have an idea?

Let us know and we can help you to make it a reality.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook to find out more about the events we organise


Mokslo sriuba

“Mokslo Sriuba” is a TV show promoting science and technology. BPTI was a platform through which creators of this show were able to take it from a simple YouTube channel to a full feature TV show on a national TV.


Putting forward the benefits of science 

BPTI promotes initiatives that bring researchers closer to the general public, showcase the impact of science on people’s lives and encourage young people to follow research careers. 

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