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Frugal and Robust AI for Defence Advanced Intelligence

FaRADAI aims to advance AI techniques increasing their overall performance in order to address the critical challenges of military operations. Hence, the severe lack of datasets in such operations will leverage all the conducted research at all levels, from expanding existing data sets to extracting required results with lesser data and reusing obtainable knowledge. Provided that such operations exhibit significant diversities, numerous models will be developed targeting the same objectives. Therefore, FaRADAI will provide the required research basis to the defence industry and the corresponding research community so that relevant technologies could be adopted in future real systems. Such models will focus on object/target detection and recognition, object/target tracking, anomaly detection, sensor adaptations, automatic segmentation and intelligent situation awareness to cover a wide variety of operational objectives and targets.

More information

This project, with reference nº 101103386, has been financed by the European Commission under the European Defence Fund


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